Pleiadian Message via Christine Day – Liberation through the Essence of Sunlight – Rose Rambles .org – 7-8-15

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Rose Rambles

My goodness, it’s HOT here! When we left Arizona…we thought we’d left the major heat behind, but not so. It’s been over 100 for 10days now here in Oregon. What gives? The weather here is unsettled and so am I. It feels as if I AM intensely tired and kind of unsettled myself. I mark this to being the result of my own personal veil falling with resulting disturbances in my physical body.

Am I worried? Nah…it all evens out over time, so I AM just experiencing this ride for whatever it brings! Underneath all of this inner discomfort, I AM quite aware of something beautiful underneath waiting to blossom leaving me with a knowing that everything is OK!

The author of this blog found on FirstContactGroundCrew Team ( feekls the same way in this message from the Pleiadins. So…please read this, see how you

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