MEG BENEDICT – Gamma Photon Light Infusion!

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Gamma Photon Light Infusion!


MEG BENEDICT  –   Gamma Photon Light Infusion!


We often hear from the religious zealots that humanity has entered the ‘End Times’ and is preparing for the ‘Rapture’. The Christian Bible predicts a time in history when believers will rise in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. We see similar New Age conviction that humanity will be air-lifted off the planet by ET ships.

Although quite diverse in approach, both belief systems perpetuate the notion that outside forces are going to rescue us from a dying, collapsing, chaotic world. For some, the recent Wave-X hoopla may have sparked more debate about the current Ascension Plan. So let’s have a practical, grounded discussion on what to expect and how to accelerate your personal Ascension transformation.

So yes, we’ve been living in a dark, chaotic world dominated by the primal Ego brain and the lockdown of the…

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